Jordan Crawley

Jordan Crawley


215kg Deadlift, 180kg Backsquat, 155kg Front Squat, 140kg Bench, 125kg C&J, 100kg Snatch, 92.5kg Shoulder press.


Graduated as a Master Trainer from the Australian institute of Fitness with my cert 3 & 4 in 2009.

About Coach

I have been training in a gym since I was 14 years old doing resistance training. I played both League and Rugby as well as Waterski raced when I was a kid. I raced Motocross and Amatuer Boxed in my early 20s and Started competing in CrossFit in my late 20s in 2013.<br /> I still Ride Motocross socially and Train at the gym currently.<br /> <br /> Through this variety of different sports, I've been subjected to many different environments such as arena, solo, team, combat, extreme, endurance, field, strength and the differing disciplines and training principles that go with them<br /> <br /> Regarding the gym, I have a technical mind towards technique and a love to help and teach. <br /> <br /> When you combine the above, you'll experience a coach that will help you reach your goals, and has the experience, knowledge and drive to be able to do so.

Turning Point

I never really appreciated being able to move freely, strongly, and without injury.<br /> In 2016 I cartwheeled my Motocross bike after over jumping a large jump and landed on the flat.<br /> As the bike suspension compressed, it spat me out the front. I landed first with the bike making contact sideways through my legs, destroying both of my knees. <br /> I snapped both PCLs, my ACLs were hanging by threads, my MCL was ruptured in one leg and the LCL and meniscus on the other. On top of that, I broke my wrist and sprained my shoulder.<br /> <br /> As my legs began to suffer from major muscular atrophy from the damage, I started to think that my future in sports or the gym was over. I certainly didn't think I'd ever ride again.<br /> I have been involved in sports since I was 7 so this was a major for me personally.<br /> <br /> I got surgery and 6 months later, I was on the road to rebuild. At first it was just to get my mobility back. But as I felt stronger, I began to have more confidence in my legs.<br /> Before too long, I had set the goal to be stronger than I was before the accident just as a way to say to myself "it's not over yet..." and I was determined to do it.<br /> After 1 year and a half, I beat all my weights except my Back Squat (5kgs shy) and my deadlift (10kgs shy).<br /> I learned many lessons on the road back, but 3 major ones: <br /> 1) Always prioritise preventing injuries. We take movement and independence for granted. It took it to be taken away from me before I realised this.<br /> 2) Nothing is permanent. At that time, I was not able to see past the injury. I had jumped to conclusions and assumed that it was the end of me being involved in physical activity as I was blinded by how bad my present situation was. I was wrong. We can come back from injury. Be patient, keep moving and build slowly. Did I mention be patient?<br /> 3) Fresh perspectives serve as new drive. Once I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the drive I had to get back was crazy. I was determined to not let that be the end. I rode that motivated wave all the way to my goals.

Motivation & Passion

I just want to help people. I care. That's it.

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